Goods Smarts Academy
8579 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33155, USA
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What kind of repair are you looking for?
Your device might need any of our repair services! Every solution starts with a proper diagnosis; bring it to our shop and allow us to determine what is happening to your device.
iPad Repair
Is the screen on your iPad presenting problems? This is one of our many expertise areas. We can repair this and more!
Computer Repair
Typical and complex problems can be repaired by us! The service your computer receives will be top-notch!
Mac Repair
We are here to serve you; we'll use the best tools to get your Mac fixed!
iPhone Repair
We are iPhone specialists! Bring your device to repair its battery, screen, or any other repairs it might need.
Game Console Repair
Not sure what's wrong with your gaming console? Come visit us and we will diagnose it!
Water Damage Repair
When it comes to water damage don't take any chances; visit us for the best repair treatment for you.